Five Card Story: The lost cat

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John was an outgoing teenager. He enjoyed so much sports and going out with his friends, but specially he loved animals. As a consequence, he wanted to be a vet when he grew up.

It was so late at night, and John had just left the library. Unfortunately, he had been making a science project that he needed to present the next day, as usual. However, this day, the project was so long and he didn’t have time to finish, and that made the situation worse. Luck was not in John’s side. Or at least that was what he believed…

As he used to, John took the shortest way to arrive home, but this day things wouldn’t be the same. When he was just one street away from arriving home, John saw something that was moving near the trash cubes. It was just a kitten! Obviously, a person like John, who was an animal lover, needed to do something with this little friend, so he took it to his house, where he fed the cat with some meet and water. But suddenly he remembered that he had to finish his science project. Nevertheless, he was so sleepy because it was so late, so he tried to finish his homework as fast as possible and go to sleep early.

Next day, at dawn, John woke up. He was on the way to school, when he saw a man hanging posters about a lost cat. He recognised this kitten and he remembered that it was the cat that he fed last night. As fast as he could, John told the man that he had his cat and when could him give it to his owner, because he would never leave a person without his pet. So, finally, John and the owner of the little cat met in the park that afternoon to deliver it. John felt so good, because finally he did something that was not regrettable.

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flickr photo credits: (1) keepps (2) dwtno (3) Intrepidteacher (4) Intrepid Flame (5) bionicteaching

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