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It was a chilly foggy dark night and everyone at the New York Institute was fast asleep. For those of you mundanes who don't know where the Institute is, It is the old unsafe abandoned gothic church of the street 53 with 24 in Brooklyn.

The windows of our main characters (Jules and Riley)' bedrooms were closed as it was snowing and it would be unsafe yo keep it open as demons could have tried to enter.

All of this peace and quiet ended, when the alarm started sounding, all of a sudden everyone woke up alarmed, and in that moment our two good young nephilim overwhelmed realised that they had been attacked whilst they were asleep as when they went down stairs to the old luxurious armory they noticed that the most sacred sword had been stolen, the Mortal Sword.

They were all inevitably distressed and hysterical, so they started looking throught the Institute to see if they could find the intrudor. So Jules and Riley gathered togheter and started the search.

They had almost checked every single corner of the Institute and found nothing, but then they remembered that they hadn't checked the Mortuatory. They were scared to be between all those dead creatures and shadowhunters but they had to go for the sake of all the World's safety. So they went and when they arrived they started seeing and inmense flash of light, so they drew their adamas swords and shouted 'This was your last stop demon' but then...

They were impressed and started laughing. Because they had had the sword thief right in front of them the whole time, and you know who it was? Church the cat! Who had taken the sword as it was shinny. They were so relieved when they saw Church. So they took the sword and left the room laughing.

So they went to sleep, but just when our story seems to have end, Jules woke up scared and realised that Church had been dead for two years, so who had shaped into the form of a cat...? And more importantly why?

But my dear friends, that next answer will have to wait becuase the storyteller has to sleep as well. So good night...

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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