Five Card Story: Voices

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Greg has always been an imaginative and unconventional boy. Not only is he different from others, but he also has such an enquiring mind.
One day, walking down the street, he stared at some walls where gripping messages were written. He stopped to read them and there was one that particularly called his attention. It said something in a language that he couldn't understand. Next to it, there was a metal flower in relief. Out of the blue, he remembered having seen that flower somewhere before. The cemetery...
That gloomy cemetery has always been viewed as a site where mysteryous phenomena take place. However, he was not scared at all. Under no circumstances would he go home without knowing the connection between the two places. So, he crossed the park and went into the cemetery. There was such a heavy mist that little could he see. Suddenly he heard some voices: 'do not play with fire'. Unsurprinsingly, he ran away.
He told his friends about it, yet none of them believed him. It just seemed too far-fetched and unconvincing. Consequently, he took them to the cemetery to show them that he was telling the truth. No sooner had they arrived than they started to hear voices again: 'this is our habitat, you shouldn't be here', they said this time in distinctive voices. They were utterly shocked.
Eventually, they decided to go back home and never return to that place. After all, cemetery ghosts are overrated or probably not...

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