Five Card Story: My Great Grandma: The Prankster

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Great Grandma was a legend in our family - known for her pranks and sense of humor, the family jester. She passed away when I was eight, but I vividly remember watching "The Land Before Time" with her. She added colorful commentary about the dinosaurs and laughed when the young triceratops bumps her head against the ceiling in a cave. Thinking about it 30 years(!) later still brings a smile to my face.

Great Grandma stored her medications in an empty cigar box and I remember thinking how cool that was. She would sit in my grandmother's kitchen organizing her pills for the week enjoying a cup of tea. She survived the Great Depression and with that did not waste, reusing her teabags several times. She'd probably shudder at how wasteful coffee-shops are in today's culture.

My grandmother has always shared the scandalous pranks Great Grandma pulled on unsuspecting friends, neighbors, even strangers. I often wondered if my grandma was making up the stories about her mother, but they haven't changed over time so I have come to accept her antics as truth.

As a young girl Great Grandma offered to make lunch for a farmhand working for her father. The young man enjoyed bread with butter and sugar. She made him bread with butter and salt. She also made lemonade and orange juice using salt instead of sugar.

Great Grandma was also known for catching bees and wrapping them in gift packaging. She'd also wrap up kitchen scraps not deemed recyclable. She'd put the package out on the sidewalk below her second-floor apartment in the small city of Bradford, PA, and watch unsuspecting strangers open the "gifts" through the window.

Another memory I have is of an old 35mm film reel with a recording of a family get together and holiday meal. Great Grandma purposely slurped spaghetti noodles so that when the film is shown in reverse, the noodles slide out of her mouth. I bet she would have had fun with modern technology and creating TikTok vidoes...

Later in life Great Grandma remarried, an early "cougar" marrying a much younger man. She lived out her days in the suburbs of Bradford gardening and crocheting. But I'm sure she found time to prank her husband.

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