Five Card Story: the town

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The air felt frosty on my warm skin, the plants along the sidewalk were covered with a thin layer of snow. The streets in the town were empty, abandoned even though the sun is shining high above me. A statue once silver but now grey covered in rust brings a shiver down my spine. Alone in these streets I never noticed how creepy the man on a pillar was. Wind started to blow cold, pushing the hair from my face. Each breath I took burned my nose. I go to the nearest home I could find, knocking on the dark green door. The door opens showing a boy, laughter booms from inside the house. Multiple people and voices inside. For the first time I realize I’m lost, not knowing my way home. The boy, younger than I was but the same size, looked at me with big curious eyes. “Can you show me my way home?” I ask the boy. He doesn’t say a word pointing towards the statue showing my way out of the town before closing the door. I head in that direction, the sky now turned purple with a single leaf flying in the sky.

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