Five Card Story: A View From London's Eye

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I could not believe my eyes. Was I really there? As I strolled through the city with my friends, I could not help myself from staring at the tall, immaculate buildings. Cars rushed by, and large red double-decker buses could be spotted from numerous blocks away. My friend, Erin, tapped my shoulder hastily, and pointed upwards. I lifted my head, only to see the overpowering clocktower of Big Ben rising stories above my head. I gapped at the sight, and felt the sudden desire to pinch myself. This couldn't be real! My adventure in London had just begun!
We toured the city, and I continued to be enthralled by the surroundings that had engulfed me. Our group looked on as the guards at Buckingham Palace change, and giggled at the sight of their towering fur hats. We then returned to our powder-blue tour bus and continued to our next place of interest.
"Look, Meg, there's the London Eye!" My friend, Amy, screamed in my ear as we rode alongside the Thames River. I snapped my attention to the other side of the bus, where the London Eye stood against the London skyline. Our bus driver dropped us off at the visitor entrance, and we all hurried off to get in line.
I instantly was overcome with fear. The London Eye, the largest rollercoaster in the world, stood before me. And I was terrified of heights. I grabbed Amy's arm, and whispered softly, "I can't do this."
"Sure, you can!" She exclaimed as we moved to the front of the pack, thus becoming part of the next group to go on the eye. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!"
I groaned obediently, as i followed her into the little egg-like structure that would take us to the top of London. As we rolled along, everyone was snapping pictures of the beautiful city that surrounded us, especially the Parliament building. For me, I distracted myself with taking pictures and talking to my friends, who I would be leaving for the first time the following day once we returned home to the United States.
When we got off the London Eye, I sighed at the relief to be on hard ground. I turned to Amy and smiled.
"That wasn't so bad after all!" And so my adventure of London was over, and I was going home.

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