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I was driving to school in a snow storm to get my laptop fixed...again. it seems that this thing breaks down every few days. I really wish we got something better. Once i got to school after taking the imfomous Exit 176 i parket in the nearly abandonned parking lot. The snow had begun to fall again and it was getting chilly. I still havn't had my coffee yet that day so I was really cranky. Making my way to the PCSS office to get my computer fixed, I began to reflect on all the problems that this computer has given me...thinking...was this really worth it. I finally got into the building right as the storm was getting worse. Nose and ears nearly frozen from the cold. I get inside and dispite the lack of cars on the lot, there are dozens of kids waiting before me. there was only one chair and it was filled by an older lady. My guess is she was a graduate student. after a few hours the line winded down but the lady was still sitting where she has been for the past three hours. Finally, it was me, a few people bahind me, and the old lady. The old lady got called in and she got her giant bag and headed to the office i took the opportunity to sit and ran towards the chair. I sat down letting out a sigh of relief. About a minute after that the old lady comes out and following her was a man who fixed the computers and told us that they cannot do any more repairs today and to come back tomorrow. Knowing the weather schedule for tomorrow, more snow, I got frustrated and threw my laptop in the trash. "Forget This!!", I uttered. I walked out, and headed to the store to get a new laptop. So much for that pile of junk!

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flickr photo credits: (1) lnboz (2) DavidDMuir (3) jjbirder (4) katerha (5) ted_major

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