Five Card Story: Chunky the Dinosaur

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This story is all about my pet dinosaur. When the egg first hatched I could tell he was going to grow into a huge dinosaur. He was born really small, about the size of my thumb. He came out mouth first, and I knew right than that he was going to be a hungry lizard. I named him Chunky just for that reason.

Chunky would eat anything. When he was really young he started first off with squirrels, that was his first animal. The first day he ate a squirrel, It was very unusual. The squirrel tried to eat him, and in defense he swallowed the squirrel whole. The squirrels face was priceless when Chunky opened up his mouth.

Chunky would leave big piles of waste all over the place and all the neighbors would be so upset. They started putting up signs all over the street about picking up the waste. Non of them ever confronted me, maybe because they figured I send Chunky on them.

I taught Chunky so many tricks. One trick was to do a hand stand on his short arms. After he learned that he would do it all the time to impress the lady dinosaurs. He thought he was such a stud muffin, but he really wasn't.

When Chunky passed away it was one of the saddest days of my life. It was expected due to the ice age. Now I am in stunk in caves, freezing my bottoms off.

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