Five Card Story: The Amazing Squirrel

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Once upon a time there was an amazing squirrel who was determined to travel the world. His name was Squillaro the Squirrel. Squillaro was tired of living the normal squirrel life. He didn't care about frolicking through daisy fields or catching nuts. He was tired of risking his life as he ran across wires that hung around the streets. Squillaro was determined to have a unique life.

He made his dreams come true when he hopped into Cindy's backpack. Cindy allowed Squillaro's dreams to come true! His first adventure started at a carnival. Here he managed to pick up some roasted peanuts and popcorn. It was delicious and he knew he had made the right decision to escape his normal squirrel life.

Eventually he even made it to Hollywood. He loved the warm sun and the beach. After some time in Hollywood, he realized there he couldn't climb palm trees or go nut hunting on them either. Squillaro grew sad and later found another back pack to climb into... the next chapter of his life was ready to begin.

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flickr photo credits: (1) ARckls (2) krutscjo (3) jjbirder (4) ARckls (5) krutscjo

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