Five Card Story: Sick Seal Finds Solace in Soldier Berry Fruit

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London, November 21st
Citizens of Englands's capitol were amazed today as they watched in awe when a lost and lonely sea lion found health from a strange source - London's Soldier Berry fruit.

Queen George III, a longtime resident of London's Hyde Park Zoo, snuck from her pen early this morning when a handler left a side door unlocked. Queeny, as her fans affectionately refer to her, slipped out about 4:30am local time. Within minutes, the sea lion had taken off and was exploring Hyde Park in the quiet and dark of the morning.

Rupert Jones, the now-unemployed handler discovered his own mistake and had alerted authorites as to queeny's escape. The entire zoo staff set about to find the lost piniped and had the lights of Hyde Park blazing.

Unfortunately, by the time they found her, Queeny had gotten herself into a pickle. She had dove into Hyde Pool and was swimming with impunity throughout the waters. While the waters might seem attractive to a unknowing seal, Londoners know the pool to be a rancid, unhealthy mess. By the time Jones and his co-workers found Queeny, she was a victim of a pretty serious tummy ache.

With the luck of a superhero, Queeny's savior was close at hand. A local vet, Robinson Ware, recognized the ailment from similar animals he had treated in his practice. Knowing he had to work fast, Ware grabbed the berries off a Hyde Park shrub, the Soldier Bery Bush, and stuffed them down the gullet of Queeny. WIthin seconds Queeny had reverse gurgitated the low quality water and was on her way back to the zoo.

Young children were happy to see Queeny back in her own pen by later that morning.

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flickr photo credits: (1) ARckls (2) krutscjo (3) lnboz (4) krutscjo (5) lnboz

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