Five Card Story: Just another weekend

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The weekend began with the kids wanting to do something fun and exciting. We took them over to the amusement park, where they were able to partake in an amusement park-wide bbq, which featured famous chefs at the grill cooking up some of summertimes favorite foods. After the bbq, we took a stoll around the park, and the kids exhausted themselves on rides, until they found these dragon statues that they just could not get enough of. Of course, the day ended with the adults as tired as can be, so we sent the kids upstairs to play, while we enjoyed a nice dinner to unwind. Unfortunately, I came down with a bad case of food poisoning and had to be rushed to the hospital. At my return home, my son presented me with a picture he had made when I was sent to the hospital. It was a picture of two hands reaching for each other. He said he had missed me and drew his hand reaching for me hoping I would be home soon.

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