Five Card Story: On My Own

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My father was a cop. He lived for his family and died for his cause. When I was two and a half, my father and I went to the park for a day on the swings. On our way home, he was shot by a member of the local gang who knew his department was after him.
I was too young to remember the incident, but it stayed with me for a long time. My mother had passed away when giving birth to me and so I was left alone. My grandma was too febal to care for me and so I was placed in foster homes until I was finally adopted at 14.
My new family cared for me and loved me as if I were theirs. They taught me how to feel again, how to be attached to another human being and how to love.
On my 21st birthday I met Jack. He was sweet and funny and had the best laugh I had ever herd.
At 23 we were married and at 24 I gave birth to our son Jason, who I named after my birth father. Jason is the most gentle and happy boy and I am so greatful that he has my father's smile.

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