Five Card Story: Paul Newman was a Real Swell Guy

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I am a dedicated customer of Newman's Own salad dressing and pasta sauces. Why wouldn't I be? I mea Mr. Newman was such a swell guy. Not only was he a fine actor who starred in some of my favorite films, he was also a great philanthropist and lover of fine foods.

When he died, movie buffs around the world were bummed. I mourned for days, going to the park alone and staring up at the night sky while thinking of all the great pearls of wisdom he had. Gems like: "Anything can be great. I don't care, bricklaying can be great if a guy knows what he's doing and why and if he can make it come off", "The spaghetti sauce is a good thing to think about. Morning, noon, and night, think about the spaghetti sauce. Think about hustling other people to buy the spaghetti sauce",

A local musician even wrote a song about him and what a great guy he was. Yup, the world feels little emptier without Paul Newman in it.

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