Five Card Story: To London and back.

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I took a trip to the city of London and it definitely was an adventure! First, I took a stroll around the streets and walked by a policeman on a horse! I've never seen one of those in real life. After I got done exploring the city for a bit, I decided to check out a city next to London. It had a Sea World-type place in it. I had to check it out. I saw so many different animals like seals, sharks, and whales. They were all so amazing. When I went back to my hotel room, I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to something crawling on my bed. LIZARDDDD!! Ahh! It took me at least 20 minutes to work up the courage to get that thing out of my room and to get back into the comfy bed. Tomorrow I will be leaving for America. When I got to the Airport the next day I was ready to go home. My "Plane buddy" was a weird one, so it was going to be a loooong ride home. I planned on sleeping the whole time so that, when I got home, I could go to the state fair with my family.

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