Five Card Story: Shadow love

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a Five Card Flickr story by TTI-Group D- Jay & Rachel created Nov 18 2009, 07:14:12 am. Create a new one!

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One man was looking at one woman. He forgot how long he was looking at her. Unfortunately, she could not have been aware of his glance. His love was always in her shadow. She thought they were just good friends. So he couldn't show his heart about her. It was a well-known secret except to her. One day, he was invited to one party which his friend held for him to give some chance to tell his mind to her. When the mood of the party become getting into full swing, he recognized that her eyes were following his friend like his eyes doing it. He was entirely shocked and couldn't help shaking his arms so he tried to go out from the place quickly. Then he bumped to one woman and splited cocktail on her. He was so sorry to her and tried to help her, and then he thought that it would be better to talk with someone instead of just going out and lamenting his broken heart. So he started to talk with her. While they talked with each other, they couldn't realized how much time passed by. After the party, they kept touch with each other and become closer and closer. Finally, they recognized they were falling in love. He had gone to the party to find his love. When he had found out that the woman who he had loved loved his friend, it was terrible for him and it seemed that he lost his love. However he could realized that the love came in unexpected place, time and with unpredictable person.

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