Five Card Story: Christmas Day!

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I woke up early that morning because it was christmas day. I went outside to see if it had snowed and it had. There was not that much snow, just enough to cover the road that went past my grandparents house. It was very cold and the wind blowing through my long hair made it seem even colder.
I went inside and saw that the table was set. It looked terific the black curtains on the outside of the windows made it look dark. There were candles everywhere and it was very warm. I could smell the turkey cooking and my family sining to jingle bells while they helped cook the meal.
I went to the living room to see if I had any presents and I did but I couldn't open them until all of my family got here. The christmas tree was decorated with red shiny beads and colorful light. There were very few ordaments because my cousins hadn't gotten here and she had them in a tote in the basement of her humungus home!
While I was in the living room I noticed the tv was on. Somebody had been watching the news. They news lady was talking about the horrific snowstorm that happemed a couple counties south of us. The wieght of the snow caused a tree branch to fall. I sat there and thought about how much fun the kids there must be having with all that snow.
Then I could smell my favorite food,Rasberries! I went to the kitchen and saw that A big bowl of rasberies! I had to wait to eat them though because it was for the pie. The rasberries were a beautiful bright red and covered in sugar. I then started to help out my family with the baking, It was one of the best christmases ever!

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) lesliemb (3) Serenae (4) IKnowHowToWhistle (5) Serenae

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