Five Card Story: Christmas with H

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It had been 12 years already since H and I met each other. That was our 12th Christmas, so we decided to have a special Christmas. We took a trip to a sequestered village and enjoyed snow covered pathway. Clean and fresh air made us breathe deeply. It was cold, but our hearts were warm and friendly. We took a walk for a long time talking in a whisper. In the evening, we visited the catholic church to have Christmas mass. Beautiful candle lights were waiting for us. We preyed for a second. I thanked to God giving me a adorable friend like H. After the Mass, we felt hungry. We visited mom-and-pop cake shop near the church. The shop keeper was an old lady who reminded me of my grandmother. We had a tasty raspberry cream cake and fresh brewed coffee. Now I have another Christmas without H. I am staying near the fire alone, but H is always in my heart.

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