Five Card Story: A Gift of Vengeance

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Three. Melissa always believed three was one too many. Life was simpler before her father remarried and she gained a second sister. Once Bethany arrived, things between her and Mary were never the same. Suddenly, Melissa was the odd one out, often left behind while the other two bonded in a way she was never allowed to experience. Left behind on that day in early December when she tried too hard to tell jokes on their way home from school. How was she supposed to know Bethany was secretly in love with the object of the jokes? How was she supposed to know Bethany also didn't find it funny when Melissa hung her favorite teddy bear on the Christmas tree? The fact she put it too high up for her step sister to reach was just a coincidence, right? But apparently Mary didn't think so, and a rift opened between them which could never be closed.

Until now. Melissa had a plan which should take care of everything and eliminate of the root of her problems. A plan which warmed the core of her being and suffused her with purpose. It was so delicious she could almost taste it. She smiled as she considered how sweet life would be when everything was finished. The first domino had fallen; now it was just a matter of time.

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