Five Card Story: Submerged in work

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John felt like he was drowning at work. Everything was going wrong. Just when he thought he was going to submerge again and saw a little lite at the surface, work shoved him down. Projects streamed in from colleagues, his boss, and clients. He was all alone in a sea of papers, deadlines, and stress. One day, it was too much for him. He marched into his bosses office while she was in an important meeting. He demanded extensions for his deadlines, a team to help out, and a pay raise to compensate him for his overtime, all in one breath. Bluntly she refused his demands and brushed him off like a dead fly. She hoped to deal with him later when it would be done without the audience.
Unable to deal with the undue stress, John left work, went straight home to the garage and dealt with the stress with the help of his shotgun. Lucky for his boss all she had to deal with now was hiring a young new employee who could step into John's place. John had finally found the light at the surface he was searching for; a shimmery pale light from the candles at his funeral.

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flickr photo credits: (1) ted_major (2) kairós (3) katerha (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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