Five Card Story: Red

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a ds106 story by Martha created Feb 03 2011, 05:12:18 am. Create a new one!

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When she woke up that morning, something compelled her to put on the red shoes. She would never understand the reason why.

She'd already planned on taking a long walk in the woods. The shoes weren't comfortable, but the bright red almost seemed to glow as she walked along a dappled path. For some reason, the red seemed necessary, an imperative part of her walk, her day, her destiny.

After stopping for lunch, she pulled our her camera to complete her digital storytelling assignment. She was searching for something to frame, when her lens suddenly settled on a red flash in the bushes.

She zoomed in, recognizing the exact color of her glowing red sneakers, hidden among the leaves of a wildflower. Suddenly, the redness seemed to make sense. Her shoes had led her here, to find this winking, tiny creature among the bushes.

She zoomed in further, and realized, with a shudder and a start, that IT was pointing a lens right back at her.

No one ever saw here again, but later that Friday afternoon a jogger stumbled upon one red sneaker, lost in a grove of wildflowers.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Intrepid Flame (2) paulhami (3) paulhami (4) les.epinards (5) Intrepid Flame

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