Five Card Story: Bill and Ted's Wonder Glue

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Once upon a time there where two friends named Bill and Ted. They got themselves stuck together while demonstrating there Wonder Glue. They went to their friend Patty; "Patty! Please help!" Ted pleaded dragging Bill along side him. "Yes Patty please! Our Wonder Glue worked too well!" Bill said wincing at being dragged. "Okay I'll help you!" Patty laughed as she looked for a remedy for their ailing glue. "I got it!" she said and started mixing an anti-glue. Patty poured the solution over their heads and the glue bubbled and sizzled. The boys yelped in pain and yanked their heads apart. "We're free!" Bill cheered and ted scratched his head. "My head is itch now." he observed, grimacing. "TED! YOU GREW HAIR!" Bill and Patty gasped in astonishment. Ted cheered and got new glasses to compliment his hair. "Now that that is all said and done. How did you guys get your heads stuck together?" Patty asked, as she had been wondering all day. Bill and Ted paused then said "It's a looong story. How about we tell you over apple juice." So they all went to the juice bar and they celebrated Teds new hair and glasses, the story of the stick, and the fact that they weren't stuck anymore over apple juice.

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flickr photo credits: (1) nessman (2) tuchodi (3) cogdogblog (4) cogdogblog (5) krutscjo

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