Five Card Story: The carnival

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I had been riding on the bus all afternoon and by now it smelt of old people and baby poop. The sad part was I did not need to take the bus i have a car there was just one problem. It was impounded. I guess after 10 unpaid tickets the city didn't care if I had a car or not. My baby girl Abby sleeping with no care in the world she thinks we are going to the carnival but we aren't the truth is i cant barley afford to get my car out of impound. I see my stop. "Abby wake up."
We got off the bus and waled into the building that had a big sign on it that said CITY IMPOUND. "Daddy i thought we were going to the carnival." said Abby "Not today. We have to do something else." She started to cry. I felt so bad disappointing her once again, I wish for once I could give her all that she wanted. "Im here to get my car" I said to the woman behind the counter. "Name please" she said with an attitude. I gave her all of my information then walked out with Abby still crying in my arms. On the drive home I sobbed and thought back to times When Abby and I were happy, of her laughing in the in the park. It had been a long day and in the end i am just another little fish in a big pond.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Rachel Smith (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Rachel Smith (5) Serenae

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