Five Card Story: Ever Run Right Out of Your Shoes

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When I was younger I was sure that new shoes would make me run faster. Now that I am older, I am certain they can make you run faster.

My wife and I have hiked through the woods near our house for nearly a decade. Thompson trail, Deer Creek trail and others surround our woods and we are frequent visitors in the woods at all times of the year.

Last week we headed out with our cameras for another afternoon shooting wildflowers and the low mosses and herbs that blanket the forest floor. I had recently purchased a new Nikon and had only used the beast a few times. Just last weekend I added a Macro lens to the outfit and was excited to get down on the ground and take some close ups of the shamrocks and ferns.

We stopped for a break overlooking a creek bed and I took the opportunity to snap a few frames of my wife taking her own images of the small creek.

We were soon on our way again when I spied a nice looking group of wild geraniums mixed with some rosemary and thyme. Just kidding,there was no rosemary. It prefers much warmer temperatures.

As I knelt down to get a few close up shots, I notices my very cool red laces on my brand new red high tops. I'd been wearing the same brand and color of these shoes for as long as I could remember. I recalled how I used to think they could make me run faster when I was a kid.

I knelt with my right knee on the ground and moved the camera to my eye. Pressing the shutter slightly I allowed the camera to auto-focus and took two frames. I wanted to get a bit closer so I zoomed in a bit more and I was suddenly staring into the eyes of what appeared to be Barney the Dinosaur. I screamed.

He looked huge in the viewfinder and I had forgotten I was so zoomed into the small creature. About that time I caught my wits and thought, "Silly me, that is just a worm."

As I bent back down close, hoping to see the creature without my camera, I heard, in a deep and perfectly clear voice, "Those are nice shoes."

I screamed again and as I stood to turn and run, I must have caught the laces of my right shoe because they quickly became untied. But I was running back down the trail and was not going to stop for some time. The laces got looser and I ran faster. About a mile from our home the shoe finally came off and drifted off into the shrubs that lined the trail. For a second I thought about how quickly I was running. Musta been my new shoes. I screamed again.

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