Five Card Story: the abduction

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It was early on a Saturday morning, and I was tasked with being the chauffeur for my little brother. He had a birthday party to go to, some chipmunk friend of his or something, and I owe my parents a lot of money (Go College!). It wasn't too bad, not as obnoxious as I know some of those events can be, but I would definitely have rather been asleep.
My brother was screaming his head off about the moon bounce, and even though I know he gets nauseous easily, I let him on. As soon as the pizza got delivered, I started chowing down, and I lost sight of my brother. Mid-slice, I looked up and got a creepy guy from this old guy standing across the way. I thought maybe I had some food on my face, but seconds later as I watched him walk to his car, I saw my brother. In the back seat.
Who was this guy? Where was he taking him? Immediately I ran to my car, and luckily they were not out of sight by the time I got on the road--I don't think he saw me run after him.
I was freaking out. In the rush, I left my cellphone, so I was chasing a kidnapper with no way of calling for help. I followed for as long as I could, but soon I was noticed. The creepy bastard drove us into Times Square of all places, what a clusterfuck, I could only tail him so well. We came up to an intersection as the light was turning red, and all of a sudden the guy pulls onto the sidewalk and guns it. It must have been tunnel vision, because I had no idea that that taxi was there... and now I lost them.

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