Five Card Story: Dinner Time

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a ds106 story by Suzanne Rodgers created Feb 09 2011, 10:14:07 pm. Create a new one!

flickr photo credits: (1) avunque (2) paulhami (3) b4ssm4st3r (4) djnora42 (5) Ashley G. =^-^=

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Kaitlin and I decided to have a dinner party with our boyfriends Mark and Hans (refer to Kaitlin's story) after our crazy weekend out with them. We decided it would be nice to pick some flowers for the dinner table so we went outside and cute a beautiful bouquet of flowers to put on the table. While dinner cooked we took the boys out for a quick boat ride in the lake that just happens to be right behind my apartment. When we came in from our trip, dinner was ready and we sat and ate until we were so full we could barely move. Once the boys left after dinner time, Kaitlin helped me study for all my crazy tests that I have this week!

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flickr photo credits: (1) avunque (2) paulhami (3) b4ssm4st3r (4) djnora42 (5) Ashley G. =^-^=

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