Five Card Story: National Lampoon's Kropp's Christmas

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After Prof. Kropp's favorite students completed their creativity and innovation class, he knew life would never be sunny again. Rather than having is doctor prescribe prozac, Mr. Kropp threw caution to the wind and took an early sabbatical to India. He wanted a real slice of life.

Upon arriving at the airport a tuk-tuk driver took Mr. Kropp to a secret location in India called Christmas land. There was nothing that could prepare him for what he'd find. After passing through a long tunnel 100km long, he finally arrived to streets lined with ornaments and houses made of ham.

He was completly shocked and wanted to capture the moment forever. However the ham was not for sale, and the ornaments were too large. The only thing he could get his hands on was a little pink chihuahua. But how was he going to catch it??

He decided to use his gerbil pipe that he kept with him for such occasions. It worked! But, instead of just the pup going in, he got sucked in himself! Oy Vey!

spending Christmas with all the same movies and all the same songs. He was craving something Asian.

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flickr photo credits: (1) snakepliskens (2) paulhami (3) electrovert (4) mdunlap (5) cogdogblog

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