Five Card Story: Ralph's Grand Adventure

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Ralph, a rather curious parrot, lived on Strawberry Hill. Ralph had never been interested in living a quiet life snacking on tasty strawberries. He had dreams of traveling the world.

As luck should have it a water treatment truck from the distant big city came to examine the well. Ralph saw this as his chance to see the world. With discrete maneuvering, Ralph made his way to the top of the truck. After waiting for the driver to finish his business and be on his way, Ralph was headed south in pursuit of grander places.

Unfortunately, Ralph didn't take into account the force of the air as the truck picked up speed. As the truck moved past the Turkey Hill Farm, Ralph went flying off the top of the truck!

He landed in a pleasant lilac bush. With a sigh of disappointment Ralph decided to make the best of the situation. A brief time of lilac smelling drew him to visit the inside of Turkey Hill Farm. Other than the annoying gobbles of the residents, he found it a rather interesting place.

Tired from a big day of travel, Ralph settled in on the roost next to a turkey named Tom and took a nap. In his dream he traveled to the big city, rode big red tour buses, safely crossed city streets, mingled with pedestrians, and found his place in the world...a rather different dream than his neighbor Tom!

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) bionicteaching (3) lesliemb (4) directrix291 (5) krutscjo

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