Five Card Story: The Grand Ball

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On a Friday evening, I was walking home from an exhausting day of school when I notice a beautiful flower garden in my neigbor's yard. I thought,"Oh, what a beautiful flower, maybe they wouldn't mind if I borrow it to wear as an accessory for my hair so I could look stunning at the Grand Ball In New Orleans". The Grand Ball is a formal party for all seniors who graduated from high school. The formal starts at 7:00 tonight. As I arrived home, I noticed the colorful clock in the kitchen, which read 4:00. I had exactly 3 gruesome hours to the biggest dance of my life. Frantically, I hopped into the steaming shower, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and put on my sky blue gown with ruffles and diamonds at the ends. My mom was filled with an exuberant emotion she couldn't contain. Suddenly, my mom grabbed our Canon camera and took about a million shots of me in my dress. One hour later we arrived at the huge building with gold, glittery balls everywhere. I was speechless when I glimpsed the huge building and saw all of my closest friends looking abosoulely stunning. As I entered the building with my gorgeous boyfriend, Heath, I looked up and saw the lights and was starstrucked."This place is amazing", I said in a cheerful voice." YEAHHHH!!! IT IS!!", said Heath. As soon as the lights dimmed down, my boyfriend and I hit the dancefloor with our sick moves. My best friend Tess cheered me on and said I dance freely. Around midnight the dance began coming to a close and the DJ began shutting down the music as everyone left the gorgeous building. I reached in my Armani bag and grabbed my iPhone and dialed my mom's cell number. She quickly answered the phone with a high-pitched voice," How did the dance go, did you have fun, are you okay"?" I'm fine mom, I just need a ride home"!" I knew my mom was on her way. After my mom picked me up, we went to the concert i've been dying to see. It was the Jonas Brothers. I had so much fun and danced like crazy. After the concert, my mom took me to play skee ball at the local game store. "What a wild night"!, I said to my mom as we drove back home to a little small town called Morgan City.

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