Five Card Story: The Poor Artist's Pursuit

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There was an artist from Manila. He was poor and down on his luck so he decided to change his luck. He travelled to many places in search for more opportunity. The first place he went to was Iceland. He didn't succeed unfortunately. He felt as lonely as a dog. He decided to move on. He reached Los Angeles. He couldn't find a job as an artist so he started to draw on walls. He felt even more lonely than before and still very poor. His art was on walls but that didn't bring him any better luck. One day as he was doing his graffitis a gang attacked him. He was helpless and couldn't fight against so amny of them. He was by himself and despite his martial art skills he lost. He fell uncoscious and dreamed that he was in Manila once more in his onld village. When he woke up he had a broken leg and was on the floor of a handicapped parking lot. This was not his dream of a better life, he thought to himself. What's next? Where now? How to move on? are all questions that were going through his mind as he was trying to pick himself up and start walking once more toward the journey of a better life. He wants to feel alive again. Perhaps he will and perhas he wont. What's certain is that he will not give up on his dream.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) jentropy (3) kellyoyo (4) IKnowHowToWhistle (5) bionicteaching

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