Five Card Story: Friends

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Benson is a wonderful dog and faithful friend. He was sitting outside on the deck in the warm sunshine. Benson was sad because he had not seen his best friend Maddie the golden retriever for two days. Maddie was like a mother to Benson and always felt that she had to protect him. The last time Benson saw Maddie, she went running off into the forest to investigate because she heard an unusual sound. The forest was an interesting place. It is filled with all kinds of plants and animals. One of the plants however, was a poisonous cactus. Benson knew about this cactus and was always careful to avoid it. He was worried that perhaps Maddie had stepped on the cactus when she went running into the forest and got poisoned. Benson was so worried that he began to whimper. Maddie heard Benson and immediately came running out of the forest. She ran over to Benson to see if he was okay. Benson was so happy to see Maddie. He now knew that she was safe. Benson asked Maddie where she had been for the past two days. Maddie told Benson to follow her. Benson followed Maddie into the forest. Maddie ran to a small hole at the base of a large tree. She carefully put her nose in the nest and laid down to guard the opening of the hole. Benson quietly peeked into the hole and to his surprise saw four baby chipmunks. Maddie told Benson that she met a chipmunk in the forest two days ago. The chipmunk asked Maddie if she would mind watching over the babies while she gathered food to feed them. Maddie was very happy to help the mother chipmunk as she loved to care for, and protect other animals. It was that moment that Benson truly realized what a wonderful dog and caring companion Maddie was. Benson, Maddie and all of the chipmunks became friends and helped each other out. They still meet and play together. On a quiet night you can hear chipmunks scurrying up and down trees along with the cheerful barking sounds from Benson and Maddie.

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) lesliemb (3) Serenae (4) D'Arcy Norman (5) cogdogblog

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