Five Card Story: The Mysterious horse ride of a life time....

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I had arrived in England at the hour of nine. i unpacked and gathered up my gear that i needed for my days outing out at the horse stud where i was having my horse riding coaching. i arrived at the stud, hopped out of my dubbie and immediatly went over to my kitted up horse. all ready to go was my new horse so i hopped on and suddenly my horse took off, me hanging on for dear life and headed for the township where i had just came through only ten minutes ago, i wasn't expecting to leave so soon. We went so far, i had no control and as the township came closer and closer big buildings came bigger and bigger. i saw amazing land marks, it was like my horse was being a tour guide showing me all around England as i had never been to England before. i saw churches so tall i felt like an ant. We kept going and going through the town and it gradually started to snow. what an experience not only to be taken around england by a horse but also being able to be up close with snow... real snow! What a day, finally my horse turned around and headed back to the stud. We got back and my coach was in a right panic and my horse was tired so we called it quits for a day and i now know never again will i hop on a horse, so fast! .......

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