Five Card Story: Vacation

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Heading to the airport we saw a sign reading a negative 10 degree temperature. My mother looked back at my face, and said don't worry we will be much warmer in a couple of hours. We made it to the airport, checked our bags, and boarded the plane. The pilot came on the load speaker and said next destination sunny Hawaii. I was so excited I could barely contain myself for the next four hours. A seemed like an eternity had past then the pilot came on the load speaker again announcing the warmth and sunshine that we would be landing in soon.
When the plane touched down, I was so excited to get off. When we finally exited the plane, clamed our bags, and exited the airport, a fresh warm breeze engulfed my body. My dad checked us into the hotel; while mom took me to the beach.
at the beach the waves pounded against the rocks. With as peaceful as the scenery was the ocean was so violent. Dad caught up with us, and we continued sightseeing. When the sun stated going down; we walked back to our hotel. The view was breath taking. The ocean was so violent when the sun was up but as the sun faded away over the horizon and the moon was on the rise the ocean became so peaceful. The scene looked just like a post card.
When the sun finally faded mom and dad took me inside. We got on the elevator, which over looked the hotel pool. As we assented to our room, I thought this was the best vacation ever. Though I was sad because I knew it would all be ending shortly.

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