Five Card Story: midnight striker

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There was a loud boom of thunder. Lighting striked again. I was feeling scared and worried at the same time. Lightning and thunder always scares me out of my wits. Mum and Dad was out for a wedding dinner and was not back still. It was eleven at night. I gazed out of the window and saw the dark scenery of two nearby mountain. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a slender figure walking in steathily. Weird...I thought to myself. Other than mum and dad, who else could be out there? But it doesn't seem like mum and dad to me...

Was it a monster? I supposed there aren't any here. Aunt has been in hospital for a car crash incident. It had been for weeks! I wonder what will happen if that 'striker' striked me. Kill me? Kidnapped me? Or is it Mum and Dad? Great, I told myself. Eyes, are you playing a trick on me? I went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of orange juice from the fridge. Then, I heard the door creaked open. I freaked out. Who was it? When I tiptoed to the door, two yellow, blank eyes were staring back at me. My screams broke the silent night. I stumbled backwards and fell while trying to run away. I knew running away was impossible, but at least I did not have to see those scary eyes. Where did I see these eyes before? It seems familiar. Then, a thought struck my head like the lightning outside. It may be someone I had not seen for years... What was he doing here?
Ok, let's get this straight. I was running away a minute ago and now, I'm hiding in a dark corner in the house. What was I thinking of? Hiding? I should have jump out of an open window! I know that sounds crazy, but at least there was a way out. Not soon after, a cloth with a foul smelling stench filled my nose and I blacked out. The last thing I knew was that I had fainted.
When I came to, I found myself somewhere, somewhere I don't know. But with the help of some 'light' , I managed to see that I was in a dilapidated room, with paint peeling of the walls and that the walls were damp. There was a bed and a table. I was injured on the knee. It was bleeding. I stumbled my way to the table and I found a note. I guess it was suppose to place there unexpectedly. There was a plan of getting out! What a stupid kidnapper this was. I tried to memorise the path out, but of course not all, but managed to memorise some of it. Then, I heard heavy footsteps. I quickly went back to the corner where I was placed and sat there, looking at the door. It slowly opened, like the heavy footsteps. Bit by bit, bit by bit. Then, a super muscluar man stepped in. I shuddered at the sight of him. He looked like a sumo wrestler. Thinking of me being squashed like a pancake was hideous. Then that 'fat' guy began to kick me with his rubber boots he was wearing. It was so painful, beads of tears came rolling down my cheecks. What a super big JERK! Then, just like how he came, he went out of the room. What was this leading to? Then, I noticed the paper on the table was gone. Ha! He was trying to take that piece of paper! I struggered and went to a corner of the room. There seem to be a passage... Then a stream of sunlight came into the room. It shown on the handle. The trapdoor! I shifted the bed away with all my might and opened the trapdoor. But when I looked inside, it was in total darkness. I found a torchlight nearby and went into the secret passageway. Halfway there, I relised that my escape was just too easy. Why is it that everything was there for my to learn my escape? Why, why, why???
When I came out of the passageway, I found myself out of the building and no one seem to have noticed me. Then, a sound came screeching. It almost deafed me. "Where is the girl? How can she escape?" I knew that voice anywhere! It was uncle Iroh! I should have knew it! That jerk, coward and bully! I ran all the way without stopping. Then, I reached the city. Yes! I went to the nearest police station and guess who I found there? Yeah, my parents! I ran over to them and they hugged me. They asked me where I had went.I explained everything to the police officer as well as my parents. They were all shocked! "Uncle Iroh? Kidnapped you? Escaped?" my mother stuttered. They brought me home and they were like security guards, making sure I was alright. Every half an hour they would take a quick look and then go back to what they were doing.
That night, images kept flooding back to me. That muscular man especially. I noticed that he had a green tag around his neck. I couldn't close my eyes at all. Whenever I do, the musclular guy and uncle Iroh's image appeared in my brain. I tossed and turned for the whole night and finally at 3am in the morning, I was dead tired and fell into a deep deep sleep.
But no better , I woke up by a nightmare. A nightmare of that incident again! But when I got to the living room, there was the phone ringing. I picked it up and listened. My heart sank and I sobbed. Want to know why? The police said they found a body covered in blood at the nearby beach. That body had a green tag around his neck! That was the guy who saved me! Uncle Iroh, you had gone too far now! You drove aunt almost going mad, kidnapped me and now killed somebody? They said that had also managed to apprehend Uncle Iroh in another attempt.
Uncle Iroh was sentenced to a death sentence for killing somebody. I was not sad or remorseful at ALL! I was happy the judge gave such a sentence. I wanted to put a stop to all Uncle Iroh's deathly plans. Then, without a warning, he was dead.
This incident had left me clueless for a long time. Every night, I silently prayed to that guy who saved me. Thank you very much. I will always remember you musclular man. This incident will be etched in my mind forever and ever even when I saw a path of white light coming my way...

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