Five Card Story: The Adventures of Terrance

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What comes to mind when looking at these pictures is mostly the beauty in them. And a dinosaur on a car. He's beautiful too, you know. I named him Terrance. I felt it suited his scaly exterior and heart of gold. There are no people in the car, right? He's just having fun, and when he's done, the car will be turned over and pushed back into his neighbors yard. Terrance is from Russia. He has a Russian accent and eats borscht like it's the last food on earth. He also has some ties to the dinosaur mob that take him on "business" trips all over the world. This year he visited the Golden Gate Bridge where another dino accidently hit his head on the railing and bled to death, coincidentally at the same time. Of course, Terrance is a good dinosaur, but the economy was hard on him. His family owned a year run amusement park, that of which brought shame to Terrance and his beef-headed buddy's. He refused to take over the family business, changed his name and decided to have a nose job. Couldn't hurt, he thought. But it did! While in surgery, Terrance started to spew blood all over the operating room! The doctors were shocked to find out that Terrance had a pre-existing condition called Easybleeder Syndrome. Apparently Terrance had never once been hurt or cut in his life. Odd, considering that he was a hitman for the mob. But, against his better judgement, he was whisked away to "The Resting Place", a place for dinosaurs with little or no life left. His mother came and fussed over him, giving him lots of Pterodactyl Noodle soup
to calm his nerves. The scenery was beautiful, the high hills gave way to open fields, showcasing the sunrises and sunsets. But this made Terrance sad! He didn't want to die yet, he was still considered a young dinosaur, only 17 years of age! Due to his syndrome, he would die any day now, and he was horribly scared. The poor dinosaur just laid on the grassy hills, day after day, waiting for the end. Suddenly, the ground started to shake! Hundreds of footsteps were coming towards Terrance! If he wasn't so sad, he would be excited at the chance of something new happening! He raise his eyes and peered over a hill only to see the dino's he worked with (in the mob, duh) rushing towards him! They were worried about him, they explained, and Bobby Tom had a weak stomach, he wasn't cutting it as hitman numero uno. They'd rallied together, and researched a cure for Easybleeder Syndrome. Terrance was amazed! Even the doctors hadn't known a cure! The mob members looked at him sullenly and told him he wasn't going to like it. "A cure!" said Terrance, "I'll do anything!". The dinosaurs gathered around him and held him down, Terrance started to worry. He knew they wouldn't tell him what they had to do, in case he backed out, so he closed his eyes. A moment later the dino's stepped back, half smiling, half looking guilty. "A mirror!", Terrance yelled, "I must have a mirror!" Surely enough, the burliest dinosaur there pulled out a makeup compact from his pocket and gave it to him. He stared back at himself for a long time before saying anything. It was true, he felt better right away. And then his mouth opened, baring teeth..."A HELLO KITTY BANDAID!?"

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) krutscjo (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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