Five Card Story: The Great Horrible Monster

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Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved to play basketball by the pond in his back yard. He was making a foul shot when he heard the water in the pond splash. He looked over. There were ripples on the water. He walked over to examine the crime scene. When he bent over, he saw a sparkling eye larger than the basketball in his hand. He threw the basketball at the eye, but missed. The eye belonged to a great, horrible monster that was waiting in the pond for a little snack. It lurched forward and clamped its jaws around his waist. The basketball floated ashore. The ducks then waddled over to peck at the ball. His parents held a sad, mournful memorial for their beloved young boy. The grave was an intricatley designed statue, made especially for the boy. His parents then opened up a restaurant in his honor. They called it Bottoms Up because when he was a baby, he always slept with his butt in the air. Later that day, after the ground opening, his mournful parents sat looking at a picture of their boy, just before the day he died. The end =(

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