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In my youth, the only thing I desired to do was play with toy cars and dinosaurs. I always invited friends to my house and challenged them to a car race. It was fun to put a dinosaur on top of my cars because it looked awesome. Sometimes, I was able to make new friends by inviting them to a car race.

I have always liked dogs, but unfortunately I became allergic to them. When I was seven, I was so happy to receive a white dog for my birthday. However, I was afraid of being bitten so I kept my distance. As time passed, my allergies started getting worst and I had to give my dog to someone else. Since then, dogs became my favorite animals.

Summer is my favorite part of the year. I used to go to the beach with my family and sometimes with friends. We always played volleyball and made sand castles. It was fun being under the hot sun and always feeling warm unlike in winter.

In Christmas, I always bought fire works and had lots of fun with my friends. It was dangerous but at the same time exhilarating. The big blasts and the different colors of fireworks always surprised me.

When I feel sleepy or feel tired, sometimes I go to Starbucks and buy a coffee. However, my mom says its bad for my health so I don't drink too much. I think Starbucks sells the best coffee in the world.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) wonderbadger (3) Mitt Nathwani (4) katerha (5) lnboz

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