Five Card Story: The Road to Niceville

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Joey was always a scrappy kid, always wanting to be first in line, or first to eat, pushing his siblings and friends out of his way. It seemed to work.

One day, a deity appeared, dressed in a fine tux, and told Joey he needed top become enlightened, that he needed to do a walk about (or a bounce about) to discover how he fit in the world, ideally, to find his own utopian road.

Alas, he got waylaid by frivolous games and casino, and lost his way. Where was they deity when Joey needed him?

Joey lost bad, and was kicked out. Worst, he ended up in a place called "Niceville" where his aggression was of no use. He was lost. Did it make him turn nice? Probably not. I believe he was kicked out, and is still lost on the road.

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