Five Card Story: Stories Of a Teacher

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Let's get started, let me introduce myself, I'm Dr Cremildo da Silva Sauro, and I'm a musical teacher. I teach any kind of instrument and I a sucessful teacher, recognized by teach to anyone, and my favorite instrument is piano. The nice part begins when I recieve an email asking for time to teach a new student, a foreign student. Ok, nothing out of normal so far, but for my surprise, the student was a cyclops, but anybody told me that till the first day of class. He appears to be a good person, or a good cyclops, I don't know, whatever... I got scared and didn't gave him time to say a word, just run away from here. I went to an old house I have, was a place I used to use to run away from cities, noise, and etc, near from the house, there was a small lake, where I used to spent some time there, reflecting, well I still was scared walking near the lake, trying to calm down I found a cat, alone, scared too and hungry, I decided to take care of him, while I walking back home I though, the guy looked for me, make all habitual contacts but I don't give a second to introduce himself, thats was not fair. So I sent a message to the person who got contact with me and combined everything that what happened was a unfortunate event, apologies myself about that happened and, by the end of the day, everything was recombined and the classes will begin the next day. Well, as I was already in my favorite place I though, why not to enjoy the twilight here and travel back just tomorrow? So that's what I did, and enjoyed a great twilight in that night.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) pporto (3) shareski (4) spacedlawyer (5) Serenae

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