Five Card Story: The First Postcard

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I was taking a walk in the woods one day after school, thinking about my parents divorce a few months back and I found a mysterious trail that had never been there before. I looked back and forth 3 or 4 times and then I walked. Then I started to jog, and then I started to run. I ran and ran after hearing weird noises in the bushes next to me. I finally fell to ground from exhaustion. When I looked up, there was a giant castle right in from of me. I walked up to it slowly and quietly being cautious of guards near the front gate. I didn't see any men in great amour so I tip-toed to the front door. I looked through the window near the shrubs on either side of the front door. I saw a beautiful woman in a long gown. So I ducked. I ran down the front steps and around the back. There was a small crack in between the two building edges. I thought I could fit through it so I walked up to it, crouched down and squeezed through the crack. When I was finally through to the other side I saw a beautiful water fountain in the middle of a walk way surrounded by slick pillars. I stayed down under the windows that looked into a gorgeous dining hall and finally slipped out the back door into a huge fenced yard. Thick, green grass, maple and oak trees surrounding. I ran up to the side of the fence and grabbed onto the diamond shaped in the intertwined wire. There were a bunch of scattered leaves in the middle of the fenced in area. I through my eyes from side to side like a baseball being pitched and then being hit in less than 3 seconds later. Something caught my eye though. I looked into one corner a saw a precious child sitting in the wet leaves all by him self. I whispered to him. I said, "Hey, kid...what are you doing?" he came over yelling. "Shhhhhhhh!!!" I said. He stopped. I called him over and told him to be quiet. He came. I said "what is this place?"
"IV been trapped here."
He put his face close to the fence and said, "Go to the edge of the fence and into the grand kitchen."
"Why what’s in there?" I said with great interest. "You can get the key to the fence door and let me free. They are holding me here captive for eating the flowers when I was younger. My parents looked for me for a long time and then just gave up because of the 3 years wasted. This is the last picture that was ever taken of me. I was 2." he showed me the picture and I gasped. "Well, how old are you now?"
"I’m 8."
"I’ll be right back. Ok?"

So that’s when I went, into the castle. I slid up the half open window and jumped into the grand kitchen. I heard footsteps and a woman humming to her, so I hid behind the long, dark curtains hanging along side the looked like an expensive window. She didn't come any where close to me so I peaked my head out. I ran behind the island in the middle of the kitchen floor. I looked through all of the drawers and in the cherry wood cabinets. I found knives and tea cups and plates. I even opened up the cabinet front door refrigerator. But when I was about to give up I found a huge pantry in the back corner. I opened it up slowly, moved a few things aside on some of the shelves and then I saw it. I small safe on the back wall. I tried to open it but it just wouldn't budge. I looked around the kitchen again to try to find the code for the safe. I scrumidged around the kitchen and in the small island for about 10 minutes and then I remembered seeing 3 numbers on the side of one of the cabinets. I opened them all and looking as fast as I could then, more footsteps. I squeezed into the cupboard under the sink and held my breathe. I heard what sounded like a man take out a knife and slice something in half. I heard him leave after a few minutes, but I waited a few more just to be safe. I slid out of the cupboard and opened the cabinet with the numbers in it. I took a quick look at the numbers and then as I was walking away I said them over and over so I wouldn't forget them. I entered the code and took out keys. I jumped out the window and ran back to the child. First I asked him his name. He said "Billy."
"My name is Thomas."
I ran to the side of the fence with the door and released him. We ran back to the front door of the castle and took a glance to make sure nobody was there. There were no guards in sight. We ran back down the trail and to my house. The trail came out behind my garage and we went into the house immediately. I got us both a drink because we were both so tired from running. I put my hands in my pockets and noticed that I still had the keys. I pulled them out and said "I thought I dropped these..." I called my mom and told her that I had found a small child by himself on the side of the road near our house and invited him in. she told me that I should give him some food and water and ask him some questions. For instance where your parents and what are are our doing here. So I did. Billy told me that his parents live in Oklahoma City. He said he thinks his mom died but he didn't know for sure. He didn't know how to contact them either.
We watched television until my mom got home. She asked him some questions too. She told him to take a bath and get cleaned up and then we will eat dinner and talk more in the morning. My mom stayed up doing research on Billy's parents all night and then surprised us when she told us the great news when we woke up. She confirmed the picture with Billy and then called his parents George and Madison Hutchinson. She said that I had found her child and that he should go home. They didn't believe her at first but then were finally convinced. They said that they were going to get on the next plane to Delaware. They arrived the next day when we were all eating lunch. They didn't even bother knocking, they just ran right in. they gave Billy a huge hug and kissed him on the cheek a few times and then everyone started crying. It was such a sweet moment. My mom talked to his parents for a while and then they left.

2 weeks later
Billy sent me a postcard today and I was so excited to hear from him. He said that he told his parents everything that happened beginning when they visited here to see his grandparents. He told me that they didn't really care but they were so happy he was alive and well. His parents sued the royal princess a few months later. We still right to each other, once a week. We are best friends now and, that day I found him, was the best day of my life.

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