Five Card Story: From boredom to Freedom

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It started as a usual school day for me, I woke up at the usual time and got ready for school. Also, the usual drive to school, the usual talk on the way to school...
At about half an hour into the first class period, I felt so sleepy that I had to get my mind busy so I would not run the risk at drooling over my books. At that very moment I gazed out the window and noticed the shadow of some kind of railing on the wall in front of me.
I had never seen that shadow there before, which made me look for what was really the owner of that shadow since there was no railing anywhere to be seen... Immediately my mind started wandering imagining what kind of place would that railing belong to. It looked like a railing belonging to some high balcony or window. Or maybe from a bridge over some beautiful river or stream.
After dwelling over where that railing possibly be situated, I finally pictured it over a tunnel made of stone, some secret passage that would take me from my classroom to somewhere I had never been to before. My curious mind took me through that passage, which was actually pretty dark and damp, I could smell the moss that covered the stones. I kept walking and it was surprisingly longer than I thought it would be. At some point, I thought I would never reach the end of it; however, that did not keep me from going further.
when I reached the end of that passage I was awed at such beautiful scene before my eyes. An immense valley was just right outside the tunnel, the cool breeze reached my face and I experienced such sense of freedom almost as if I could just jump off and fly all around those beatiful mountains.
I then felt something touch my back as if poking me or telling me to just do that, I could feel the excitement of being able to just hover through those hills. when I was about to jump off, I felt a stronger poke that unfortunately brought me back to reality - I had fallen asleep over my books and my classmate was poking my back to wake me up so that the teacher would not see what was happening.
I was startled at first , still confused at where I was for real, then I looked at him and smiled thanking him for waking me up although, I must confess, very frustrated at not experiencing that much desired flight over that valley.

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