Five Card Story: The curse of divorce

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If only the witch had explained the entire curse! The king thought the kiss of beautiful maiden would break the spell. Little did he know that signing divorce papers would bring it back! While their relationship was far from perfect, surely the witch would understand that he wasn't blame. He couldn't be a single father and an amphibian! The king sighed. He was frog, but we also a man and knew what he had to do. He hopped off of his thrown and into the room of his two young sons. "Sons," he croaked. The boys stared at the frog, perplexed. "Father?" they asked in unison. "Yes, my boys, it's me your father. Mother and her divorce papers have changed me back into a frog!" "Father, no! Surely there must be something we can do!" The king hopped outside into the garden, down to the dock. "There's nothing I can do. Winter is coming and I must hibernate at the bottom of the lake. The only solution would be to beat your mother's courier. He'll be taking the divorce papers to the high court! If you can stop the courier, you can change me back!" The boys looked at each other and took off running. The boys knew the courier was traveling by donkey and would be forced to take side roads. Donkeys were not allowed on the paved roads in the kingdom. Main street would be the fastest way to the high court and intercept the divorce papers. The boys raced down main street to find that there was the royal guard parade. There was no way this would be faster! The boys hung their heads in defeat. When hope was all but gone, the youngest noticed the royal mopeds. The boys hoped on the scooters and zoomed in, out, and around the marching guards. As they approached the front steps, they noticed the courier tying up his donkey. The older son revved the throttle and chased down the courier, who jumped over a hedge, tossing his messenger bag into the air. The boys stopped the scooter and dug out the divorce papers, and shred them into pieces. A strong wind began to blow all of the pieces of the shredded divorce papers in all different directions. The boys ran inside of the high court and watched the wind move into a wild storm. After the storm died down, the boys returned home to the castle. The king and queen were in the dining room, the king eating with his hands from a bowl. Their mother looked at the boys, disapprovingly. "I hope you're happy, boys" said the queen. The boys peered into the king's bowl and looked up, disgusted at what they saw. "We'll all be smelling mosquito burps for weeks."

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) D'Arcy Norman (4) hummingcrow (5) bionicteaching

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