Five Card Story: The alpaca farmer

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My name is HoJo. I am a alpaca farmer. I live in California. I make money by selling my alpaca's fur. I have 80 alpaci. Sometimes I would walk my alpacas down the street and all the way to the lighthouse. This seems to be babby hips and Gwessy's favorite spot. We always go here on Sundays. Past the weird people that sag down to there ankles and wear tee shirts down to there ankles, past the graffiti streets. One time we were swimming there and this little kid named Roberta was there too. He's very small and not to bright. He is a sponsored skier that has won the Jr. X games. HE has this little unicorn thats name is Samantha. She turns into a stiffed animal when ever someone that is not me or anybody that already knows him. He dropped him into the water and jumped into the water after him. I looked over the edge and saw them both bobing in th water saying help i cant swim. When Samantha is in the water all of her powers go away. Gwessy dove in and saved him. We went back to his house that was covered in christmas lights.

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