Five Card Story: mean people

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a Five Card Flickr story by hailey to zaylee created Feb 23 2012, 05:07:00 am. Create a new one!

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one day we were having so much fun at the babysitters and we were playing whith your cousin and she's really nice and we plyed restront and a tv fell on your hand and i think you were faking that crying because the tv didnt even touch you and you slap me like crazy i just wish for one day your mom should take your phone away and i bet she would if i told her the things you say to me and the stuff you make me do im really sick and tired of you treading me like a peace of trash it stinks when you think you make the dishions for me what are you my mother i bet your not because my mother is nicer and if your dad got maried to my anti and my anti adobeted me i would wrather live outside at night then with you because all you do is sit around and watch tv well not all the time mostley. one day me and my family went to the travleodge and i texted her befor i whent and when i got home i phoned her and she sed why didnt you take me all you care about is iesha and i sed i didnt even take her it was just me and my family and one of my cosins friends and at least were the same age and she laughs with me and she dousent smack me and she sed sorry every time she hurt me going down the water slide and she wouldent take 10 minutes to say sorry and when we were playing that justin bieber wife game you thought that you could pick are cariters well tough luck thats no fair then you go and cry well we werent trying to be mean we sed can we please choose are chairickters and you sed no well then i phoned home from the sleepover and toulk my parents time to pick me up well thats not fair to me your cousin and my parents and your mom that is no fair your mom puts a lot of work into your life you should respeckt that but you kinda dont and second of all your dad is not made out of money he cant just snap his fingers and well be at the mall thats not real lofe were not in a tv show if you think this is like icarly or something its not and when you read this or if you do read im not coming to carols in the summer because my mother thinks your to sasie to be my friend and theres nothing wrong with iesha shes fine and she thinks your wierd to iesha is my best friend even when we get in fights sometimes we work it out but you just keep talking and talking and talking you wont be qiut you cant just work it out i wish me and you never met and levis anger at me becouse you told me told me to prank call him and he dint answer and we called about 10 times and hes mad at me and not you because he nows that you will yell and cry at him and its not just that you mad e me cry 4 times one i s in front of your mother the other one is sending mean tx messages whitch i think is stupid because all you care about is jamie and carmin and i know your little tricks your probley friends with her behind my back and after what she did to me your her friend and o just wish we never met so i hope you get this message

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) cogdogblog (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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