Five Card Story: 2 Mysterious Dogs in the Theater

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There once was 'Letelier Theater' in the United States. Letelier Theater was well known for great service, and absolutely clean environment.

However, what was mor important than the clean environment were the two mysterious dogs. One of the dogs' name was Goldy because the color of the dog was gold. And obviously, the other dogs' name was blacky since he had the color of black.

Many people liked those two mysterious dogs because they were always friendly, and they would always hug the people that would come to the Theater.

From that, people from all over the world came to the United States just to see the dog. Of course, many people also came to see the movies in the theater. Many people took pictures of those lovely dogs, and more than 500 people would come to see the movies/dogs.

Even a baby from England came to see the two little, cute dogs! Even though the baby was very small, the baby knew and heard a lot of information about the little doggies, and he would always smile whenever there would be a picture of the two dogs.

One day, finally, the two dogs were selected to be in a movie in Hollywood, so they were sent to Hollywood.

Unfortunately, there were no more famous two little dogs in the Leteleir Theater, and slowly, people stopped visiting the theater.

However, the owner of the theater wasn't sad because he knew that the dogs would be successful in life, and the movie they would come out would surely influence the theater, too.

After the movie was put on screen, many people rated the movie 'Excellent!' The two dogs obviously got famous all over the world, and even become heros' for some little children.

As they got more famous, number of people coming to the Letelier Theater increased again, and they even hold meetings to ensure better environment of the theater and polite manners to people. Everyone was very successful, and happy about the two little dogs!

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) cogdogblog (3) bionicteaching (4) Mitt Nathwani (5) bionicteaching

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