Five Card Story: The Trip

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We started our trip with a harty breakfast at McDonalds around 11am at McDonalds. Unfortunate for us we missed the 10 am breakfast cut off and decided to grab some kids meals to rid us of our dissapointment. We then began the trip where while on the highway we saw an old van which was riddled with bumperstickers. As we drove, aiming for New York we couldn't help noticing all the billboards and signs for resturants offering fresh home cooked meals. This idea of home cooking seemed normal for rural Pennsylvania so we decided to join the club and try some home cooked goodness. When we finally found a resturant I decided to have a vegetable based meal featuring my favorite, the turnup. Once we had finished our home cooked goodness we started on the last leg of the trip. As we arrived in new york we were greeted by massive amounts of traffic. Finally though we reached our destination, a skyscraper convention at the javits center. We viewed what I thought was the most amazing one of them all, a lit up building in Hong Kong. After just one day of three we decided to grab some new kicks which we purchased from a vendor hanging out in an alley two blocks from the center.

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Intrepid Flame (5) cogdogblog

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