Five Card Story: A Dream in a Very Dark Place

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I hate my family. Well, at least my mom and dad. They left me to live on my own, they abandon me. My sister Elizabeth wants to play, explore, and do all the things most 7 years old want to do, but she won't be able do any of those things. My parents believe in the apococlype. They hide her and themselves from the world. They spent thousands of dollars of a shelter that only has room for 3. They rather see me parish because I belief in life, not death. I want to live a life free of fear. I snuck my sister to a birthday party that my little cousin was having, and when my parents discovered this they shunned me and gave me a dust shield and said "good luck". It was the worst day of my existance. I now live with my uncle and aunt in the countryside. They have a strange facination with old music and instruments. They let me express myself and be who I want to be, not who my parents want me to be. Most people don't believe me when I tell them about my parents, I just onyl hope one day my sister can escape and live her own life just like I got to do.

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