Five Card Story: The Run.

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John was walking down the street to the phone booth. He leaned on the side of it waiting for the man to finish. John entered the phone booth as the man left.
"Hey, Kyle its me, John, just wondering if you wanted to come to the game tonight,"
"Sure, where should we meet?" asked Kyle.
"Outside the stadium," John swiftly replied.

When John and Kyle got to the stadium it was already five o'clock. Halfway though the game John had to get up and go to the toilet. As John came out a tall bulky man aproched him.
"Ecuse me, can I get through?" John asked impatiently knowing he would be missing the game. The stranger just stood there.

"Im with the FBI, and I'm taking you back to Arzoina prison," the stranger spoke slowly.
John instantly pushed him out the way and ran straight for the door. As he exited the building he heard shots of gunfire behind him. One bullet narrowly missing his leg sends glass flying from the glass door.

It was night now. John thought it would be stupid to go back home, thinking the agent knew he would live. Instead he gos up a dirt path towards the cost.

About five minutes later he hears barking. He turns around to see the agent and a dog running towards him. John starts running along the top of the sea cliffs. He then comes to the end of cliff.

The agent and the dog had now caught up. John trys to run around them. The agent fires a couple of rounds. As John runs back down the path he came the agent fires a round in the back of his knee.

John rolls towards the edge of the cliff. His leg in serious pain. He is forced to make a decession. Jump or go with the FBI agent. He looks down seeing the shore down below. He would have a decent chance of surviving the fall. But would have a few broken bones. Does he jump or go with the FIB agent.

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) krutscjo (3) bionicteaching (4) cogdogblog (5) Serenae

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