Five Card Story: A dream day

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My husband and I am we had a wonderful day on the last weekend. We travel to Rose City that city it is near of State College. On Saturday morning we are a wake at 7 A.M then we ate a breakfast in the hotel. After we are finished we went to Rose carnival. We saw many families and groups on that is carnival. That city has a good weather and a lot of events that two thing encourage the people to visit this city. After we finished we went to garden has un-popular insect. Actually it is a great garden I like it so much because I like to see a new things. When we are looked around we are talking with an elderly man about traditional costume and shopping on this city and he is advised us to visiting an old area. In regard his suggestion we are went an old area. Actually that is area like a documentary program for me because it is has a lot of ole exhibits and elderly people however, I like to talk with an elderly people because I can take from them a nice story and a good advice. I bought an old nickel from old area for my mother and me. Then we got a lunch but we ate it on the yard which behind our hotel. When we are finished we walked between the trees during that is we are hearing for a birds twitter an water gurgle. Actually we spent an amazing time. Absolutely it is a great trip. On the sunset we go back to hotel. When we are back we are so tired but we are very happy. I think that is trip like a dream because I love myself when I spend a wonderful day with my husband. Now I feel sleepy but I will write for you what we had on the Friday

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