Five Card Story: When i find you.!

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It all started,when the day became night,where lost souls were listened in the empty streets, and the fog was owned the enviroment.
There were those two, the brothers GRIMM.
Ruben was brown,shorthy, thin and very aventuruos, he has sixteen years old. And his brother, Peter was the tallest and strongest in the village.
One day, they decided enter in the forest to hunt a deer for their father´s birthday.
Later, they found a wide trail in the woods and they found strawberries. Peter took a few in case that they have hungry in the way.
They had taken a "rifle", "machete" and one silver knife that they had inherited from their grandfather.
The trail was thick,dark and tenebrous as night fell.They found animal and insect that they have never seen in theirs lifes. They was so scared and they decided to make a bonfire for the cold night. they have separated to search firewood, later, a animal attacked to Peter and Ruben heared his screams and ran to help him, but when he got there, he found only footprints and evidence of a fight. He decided to look, he take a flashlight and begins to walk along tracks until he came to a cave habited by bears. Ruben started to fire with his rifle and he entered the cave; the visibility was almost nil, only saw what his flashlight shone, so he had to be very aware of your surroundings.
There he found two bears were asleep but the cave was big and they didn´t notice his presence.
Then he met with foreign bats, large and horned, he shot to kill them but he could not kill any of his bad marksmanship, he had never fired with the rifle.
The bats were frightened and flew away from him.
In the cave, he find a river that have blood of an animal or person, but for him his brother was alive and continued his search.
Later, he found clothes and shoes of his brother, thinking the worst, he starts to run, seeking a meeting with Peter but he met with a huge and hairy creature was eating a boar.
Ruben scared hiding behind a rock and points to his head and shoot, the mounster fell, but was incorporated fastly on his hind legs and approached Ruben who desperately began to shoot "quemarropas" but he seeing that this isn´t damage him, he drew his silver knife and went to fight hand to hand with the extraordinary animal, stabbed in his leg and the bug come back, seeing this, Ruben decided to pounce on him, stabbing again and again ad nauseam, his eyes blood-stained aren´t saw what was happening but he fell that the animal did not move more, relaxed and he cleaned his eyes, and saw that the animal had become his brother. In surprise ran from the forest, had been trampling everything, not cares about the sleeping bears, only ran up to the way he had come.
Crying, Ruben begins to think that what had happened, and realizes that the moon was full that night, and his brother was not what he believed, he was a werewolf.
He knew that they wouldn´t believe him and they would think that he had killed his brother, so Ruben decides not to return to the village, walk away and never come back.

The End!

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) Choconancy1

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