Five Card Story: The amazing thing that happened!!!!

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flickr photo credits: (1) roland (2) lesliemb (3) Intrepid Flame (4) pepe.meneu (5) Serenae

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There was once a snow field that had a lot of snow it was the most famous bit of snow in the whole of Greenland. It is protected by a fence. But one day a man that went on a trip to the sea. He went over the patch off snow with the sled and rod over it(LEAVING IT A MUNTED PATCH OF SNOW) Then the sled that had been wet from the sea had some little sea creatures. They grew into the snow and made beautiful flowers. The man showed people this amazing thing and they took it to the shop and made it an accusal flower. They planed lots of them. They suddenly realised that they grow very high. They were like trees. So they grew. But on the coldest day of winter they all died away leaving some twigs on the ground and a munted bit of snow....

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flickr photo credits: (1) roland (2) lesliemb (3) Intrepid Flame (4) pepe.meneu (5) Serenae

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